Today, NASCAR will release their 2021 schedule. There will be changes, there will be a few surprises, and I guarantee there will be many who are excited and many who just don’t want to face the facts. NASCAR is a business, an entertainment business, no different than the PGA Tour and professional Tennis. As times change, places grown or decline decisions have to be made about where to put the resources for the benefit of the business. Sadly this means that some of our fans in Kentucky and Chicago will miss out next year, but the underlying business needs to be sound, and right now the business is not. The business of Motorsports since the early 1970’s have been a business, no longer the realm of the gentleman racer or hobbyist. We have to accept that in the same manner we accept that our favorite restaurant today maybe gone tomorrow if they don’t evolve to meet the conditions of the moment. Mistakes will occur here, and they will be dealt with, but what we cannot accept moving forward is the status quo. Time to shake things up, and keep doing it!




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