Peter Cellino

Holder of parking karma and drip coffee skills.




Working with me.

  • Communications
    • I live in email. I treat email like IM. Please don’t be offended by brevity and terse emails. Email only please. Email is also my todo list. If we talk about something and you want me to do it please send me a reminder email. Please do not call or text.
    • If you don’t hear back from me within a few days, bump the email thread. I appreciate it a lot.
    • If you do choose to call, and I send you to VM, which is likely, do not immediately call again. I will block your phone number. I personally find the intrusion to be disrespectful of my time
    • I do my own scheduling and generally suck at it. If we don’t set up a calendar invite there is a good chance I totally forget about it.
    • I try to ignore my email on the weekends. Try being the operative word.
    • I read all my Twitter and Linkedin DMs. I rarely respond. If you don’t know me, that is an ok way to reach out. If you are pitching, email me something to look at like a deck.
    • I practice double opt-in introductions unless it is an intro to someone truly amazing where the fit is perfect. Please do the same for me.
    • I can be truly incompetent about trivial things. Please don’t be surprised.
    • I work in Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina–Eastern Time Zone.
  • Meetings
    • I try to live by the Warren Buffet school of meetings and avoid having them as much as possible.
    • You might find me rude if I refuse a meeting or ask to do it over email. Sorry. I am just trying to save us both wasted time.
  • Personal
    • If I am a jerk, do something dumb or generally seem oblivious, please please please let me know. I often have no clue; your feedback is priceless.
    • If you have suggestions for this document please let me know so I can add them. Like me, it is a work in progress.

Email: peter at petercellino dot com